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Heavy duty single diaphragm sludge / slurry pump (Ramparts)

Retro-fit Parts for Dorr Oliver® Single Diaphragm Pumps

We offer retro-fit kits to convert the Dorr-Oliver® ODS single diaphragm (sludge) pump.  Retro-fit kits include all necessary components and bolts directly onto an existing Dorr-Oliver® ODS base tee without disturbing the existing piping system.  We also offer a complete set of aftermarket replacement diaphragms, ball check valves and check valve seats.


Diaphragms available in the following elastomers: Nitrile, Nordel, Neoprene, Sanotprene™, Hytrel™, Viton and PTFE (or PFA or ETFE) material.



Heavy-Duty (Single) Diaphragm Sludge/Slurry Pumps (Pneumatic/Sealless):


Heavy-duty, sealless diaphragm pump designed for continuous operation for the most demanding, solids laden fluids.

Viscous sludges/slurries, abrasives, corrosives, delicate crystal slurries;

Pump sizes 1-1/2” thru 6” (suction / discharge);

Flow rates up to 375.gpm;

Pressures up to 125.psi;

Temperatures up to 300.deg.F;

(3) styles to fit each individual application: (unlined) heavy wall ductile iron (2” size also available in stainless steel body), elastomer lined (Nitrile, Nordel, Neoprene, Hypalon, Santoprene, Hytrel, Viton), or ETFE (Tefzel) lined


Features include:

Suction and discharge adjustable;

Sealless design;

Solids handling up to 5” solids size and upwards of 75.% solids concentration;

Run dry indefinitely;

Self-priming up to 20.ft.;

Deadhead without damage to system;

Minimizes damage to particles/solids (on sensitive product);

In-line repairable without disassembling the piping system to minimum downtime


Optional pump equipment includes:

Pump inspection top cover hinge;

Leak detection/shut-down;

Suction and discharge pulsation dampeners;

Pump stands


Suction/Discharge Check Valve choices:


High-pressure bolt-on;


Swing check (for larger solids/anti-clogging);


Controller options includes:

NEMA 4X enclosure (fiberglass w/ stainless steel hinges and two quick-opening latches);

LCD stroke counter (totalizer);

Suction and discharge pressure gages (liquid-filled);

Suction and discharge pressure regulators;

Power on-off switch with indicator light


Controller options include:

Duplex pump operation (w/ sequential strokes);

Remote start/stop; may be used with level switches;

NFPA 70E Compliance;

Diaphragm failure alarm/shut-down;

Hazardous location/Explosion-proof options;

Ramp-up or step-up filter press feed operation;

PLC control


Replacement Dorr-Oliver ODS retro-fit kit (RamParts)

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Corrosion resistant PTFE

We specialize in PTFE molded expansion joints / flex connectors - many in stock for immediate shipment; custom fabrication available upon request.


Please also review our fully PFA lined ball & butterfly valves, as well as our full line of PTFE lined hose products for your corrosive and/or aggressive fluid transfer application(s).


Biopharm, pharmaceutical, industrial-grade products available, many from inventory for immediate shipment.

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