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Hydraulic Accumulator, HydroPad


All 316L stainless steel, edge-welded, metal bellows housed within a charged compressible gas, robust metal shell.  Completely maintenance-free.  Available from volume sizes of 2. cubic inch up thru 50,000. cubic inch sizes, with pressure ratings up to 3,000.psi in many models; temperature range of -20. to 650.deg.F for std. design (or -325. to 1,200.deg.F in an optional stainless steel housing design).


For use in the following applications:


Thermal Expansion Compensator – for thermal growth within a closed system, to maintain a more constant pressure;


Surge Absorber – for sudden velocity changes within a piping system, limiting pressure spikes (water hammer, quick closing valves, pump start up/shut down, back surge);


Pulsation Dampener – for controlling pressure pulsations in systems with positive displacement pumps;


Suction Stabilizer – for eliminating acceleration head, ensuring the suction side of a pump will not starve and operate for efficiently;


Supplemental Hydraulic Power – for hydraulic systems needing a slight power boost or emergency power, increases system efficiency and operational safety;


Leakage Makeup – for systems that need to account for compensating for leakage, provides a critical reserve of operating fluid.

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Corrosion resistant PTFE

We specialize in PTFE molded expansion joints / flex connectors - many in stock for immediate shipment; custom fabrication available upon request.


Please also review our fully PFA lined ball & butterfly valves, as well as our full line of PTFE lined hose products for your corrosive and/or aggressive fluid transfer application(s).


Biopharm, pharmaceutical, industrial-grade products available, many from inventory for immediate shipment.

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